Love Always Wins

To the Editor:

Heartfelt thanks to all the individuals who welcomed both me and our Hearts of Hope program to your beautiful town during my first visit to Newtown last February and in the months since then. Newtown is filled with such caring and compassionate individuals, and the kindness of each of you has touched my heart in ways I could never fully express. 

In our newly-formed Hearts of Hope Newtown chapter, we have seen neighbors caring for neighbors, friends going above and beyond, and people reaching out to strangers with both caring actions and words. I have made friends in this beautiful community I never expected to meet who have offered friendship unconditionally. For that gift, I am truly grateful. 

This community has faced challenges most never do. Nonetheless, people fervently choose love with a deep commitment that shows love always wins. In a place where pain and sorrow is very real, there is such drive to pay it forward to individuals, groups, and locations where tragedy and devastation have changed life's path. I am incredibly proud of the work that Hearts of Hope Newtown has done to stand with places like Boston; Moore, OK; and Prescott, AZ and to locally support individuals undergoing cancer treatment, those serving in the military, and our first responders. It has been an honor to be welcomed into a community such as this.

Lastly, it is such a joy to create Hearts of Hope, our tiny treasures, to give away within this community – and everywhere. I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings with the amazing enthusiasm you all bring.

All my best wishes for a holiday filled with family, friends, and much love!


Judy Pedersen


Hearts of Hope

115 Stocking Brook Road, Cooperstown, NY       December 10, 2013

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