Main Street Flag Being Lowered For Peace Officers Memorial Day

Today is Peace Officers Memorial Day, the national day to pay tribute to the local, state and federal law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

The national observance is recognized annually during Police Week, which this year runs May 11-17.

Members of Hook & Ladder Fire Co #1 will be lowering the Main Street flag within the hour, in response to a proclamation by President Barack Obama.

“Each year, America sets aside a week to salute the men and women who do the difficult, dangerous, and often thankless work of safeguarding our communities,” President Obama proclaimed on May 9. “Our nation’s peace officers embody the very idea of citizenship — that along with our rights come responsibilities, both to ourselves and to others. During Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, we celebrate those who protect and serve us every minute of every day, and we honor the courageous officers who devoted themselves so fully to others that in the process they laid down their lives.

“As we mourn the fallen, let us also remember how they lived. With unflinching commitment, they defended our schools and businesses. They guarded prisons; patrolled borders; and kept us safe at home, on the road, and as we went about our lives. To their families, we owe an unpayable debt. And to the men and women who carry their mission forward, we owe our unyielding support,” the proclamation continued.

The President’s proclamation encourages all Americans to honor fallen officers “with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” including the lowering of flags on May 15.

Click here to read the full proclamation.

Governor Malloy also issued a statement concerning the annual observance.

“The men and women who protect our homes and our communities make deep sacrifices in order to ensure that the citizens of our country and our state remain safe,” he said. “Those who serve in law enforcement deserve our utmost respect for the work they perform each and every day — oftentimes putting their lives in danger to protect others — and we are a safer state thanks to their service.

“They come from nearly every walk of life, with a diverse set of backgrounds, training and experience, but they are united by their desire to protect and serve,” Gov Malloy continued. “On Peace Officers Memorial Day, we pay tribute to not only them but also their families, who give so much to our communities and our state, and we thank them tremendously.”

Click here to read the governor’s proclamation, as well as a statement by Lt Gov Nancy Wyman.

American and state flags should fly at half-staff Thursday from sunrise through sunset.


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