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To the Editor:

The Roman Catholic Church owns 136 aesthetically and environmentally sensitive acres (given to it by a very generous donor and long-time Newtowner) in the heart of our town.  Newtown has a long tradition of preserving open space for future generations.  The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope who models himself after St. Francis of Assisi who loved the land and all its inhabitants.  Newtown needs in appropriately vetted places a variety of affordable housing for a variety of its people; a goal shared by the Roman Catholic Church.

Is there no room for careful consideration by the Roman Catholic Church of Newtown’s concerns in the use of this fragile landscape? Likewise, for Newtown to enhance its efforts in providing adequate housing for all its citizens? And what better way to honor the Angels of Sandy Hook than by dedicating this property to them.  We are Newtown.  We choose love.

Mike Hughes

22 Turkey Roost Road, Sandy Hook          March 19, 2013

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Not the Roman Catholic Church

Just a note: It is the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT that owns Castle Hill, not "The Roman Catholic Church." Very, very little property is owned or controlled by the Vatican - the vast majority of its land holdings are controlled by parishes and dioceses.

The last three popes have been "green popes," according to their writings. However, whatever their opinions on "loving the land," and whether that is a correct assessment of Francis of Assisi, whose own writings show that devotion to the Eucharist and obedience were far more important than any perceived "environmentalism," is beside the point.

If someone does not want the land developed, they should purchase it for open space, and not blame the Diocese for needing to sell. Not to mention that it if passes to private hands, taxes will be paid on it, to the town!

Finally, it is a terrible thing, but one we are seeing repeatedly on many different issues, to use the tragic deaths of the Newtown children to back some political or business proposition. Trying to induce guilt by saying of a property sale that there is no "better way to honor the Angels" ..... well, there are just no words.

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