Many Supported Pet Project

To the Editor:

We would like to thank those patrons who on Friday, November 29th, contributed to our collection box in front of the Newtown Stop & Shop.  As part of my son Rory's school citizenship project, we set out to collect pet food donations to benefit the Newtown Animal Shelter.

In just one hour, thanks to many kind patrons, we were able to fill our box and collect over $40 in donations.  A special thank you goes out to Larry for being the first contributor kicking off our event with a full size bag of dog food.  We are grateful to Stop & Shop for allowing us this opportunity and thank all who made our collection a success.  Yes you can make a difference with a can of pet food!  Many, many, many thanks

Rory, Jack & Missy Gregson

4 Papoose Hill Road, Newtown                    December 3, 2013

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