Misleading Figures On Police Car Replacements

To the Editor:

From the article “Parents Want Armed Security While Officials Wait For Security Recommendations,” February 22, 2013, I am going to assume that the following note by the first selectman is a misprint (taken directly from the article):

Cost Of Cars — Focusing on the need for replacement squad cars already included in the municipal side budget request, the first selectman noted that since Ford Crown Victorias are no longer manufactured, Chevrolets selected to replace them cost the town will cost $26,000 more each, adding substantially more to the taxpayer expense of hiring new SROs.

If she is trying to say is that the new Chevy cost $26,000 more that the price of a Ford, then she’s out of her mind. That’s absurd! The 2010 Crown Vic’s Police Interceptor base price was about $28,000. Add the cost of equipping the car with brand new equipment and the cost escalates to around $38,000 per car.

Mrs Llodra is now saying that the Chevys will cost $54,000 each?! I don’t think so! The base price for the 2013 Chevrolet Caprice is around $31,500. (gmfleet.com/specialty-vehicles/police2013 Chevrolet Caprice)  Where did she come up with these numbers?

Let the public know that each time the police department gets a new patrol car, it is because it is replacing an old worn-out car (usually around three years old with around 125,000 miles on the odometer). The equipment from the old car (light bar, police radio, prisoner seating area) is transferred to the new car. So long as the old equipment fits the new car and the equipment isn’t at the end of its life span, it will continually be transferred. Any upgrades to the new Chevy, such as the prisoner seating area, is because it is absolutely necessary.

Mrs Llodra is misleading the public concerning the cost of the new police cars and should be held accountable for her statements.

Bob Wargo

1253 Old Waterbury Road, Southbury             February 25, 2013

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