Moving Forward

To the Editor:

Newtown residents, accept the state’s grant for the purpose of building a new Sandy Hook School. This one-time opportunity will allow Newtown to continue moving forward. Resultant positives by passing this referendum include:

Returning the children, faculty and staff to the Sandy Hook community

No local tax increase due to building Sandy Hook School

A fully funded state grant with no repayment requirement

Restoring Newtown’s municipal building inventory to seven schools

As 1 of 28 elected town officials that deliberated thoroughly and unanimously decided to build a new Sandy Hook School with a $50 million grant from the State of Connecticut, I solicit and encourage all Newtown registered voters to cast a Yes vote on Saturday, October 5th.

Robert Merola

Legislative Council, District 1

22 Ashford Lane, Newtown              October 2, 2013

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Seven Schools

How ironic that Mr.Merola, who has been one of the leading advocates of closing a school due to dropping enrollment now wants to keep 7 schools. Betcha in two years his tune will change, and he'll want us to close Reed school, currently our newest school.

A couple of other points Mr. Merola makes. No repayment requireemnt. We dont even have a copy of the agreement yet, the state should make us repay the $50 million if we close the school, just like we are planning on Reed. You just never know.

Mr. Merola also said this is a one time chance, that is completley false. We would simply develope Plan B and then vote on it and we would then get the bonding needed.


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