Needed: Intelligent Dialogue

To the Editor:

The letter titled “Newtown Is The New North Stamford” appeared in August 2 Newtown Bee. The heading of the letter is interesting since I never lived in the area of Stamford referred to as North Stamford. I do think as I said in my original letter that we can tackle traffic problems in Newtown whether they exist on Curry Drive, Currituck Lane or The Boulevard. I know we can learn from the experiences of other towns. I don't think much will ever be accomplished through sarcasm, hyperbole, name calling, and confused responses to suggestions to improve traffic conditions throughout the town.

I think that some of the things being circulated on social media and the attempts to harass residents who live on Queen Street are not only unethical but in some cases illegal. We wonder where youngsters get the idea that such behavior is appropriate. Be that as it may, I once again repeat that we need to have intelligent dialogue to find solutions to issues whether they are traffic or other problems that effect the town of Newtown. Maybe at some point we can move forward I know that the police commission is willing to listen and our town government has certainly demonstrated its ability to deal with complex and difficult issues.

Let's take a deep breath and try to work together. I am sure we are better than the inappropriate comments presented by some in the paper and online.

John S. Boccuzzi Sr.

Queen Street, Newtown                    August 7, 2013

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North Stamford

John, there is no "North Stamford". It was imagery used to underscore the fact that you helped bring "speed bumps" to Newtown on Queen Street, after having fought for them for 10 years in Stamford, therefore bringing them "North" and creating a "North Stamford", at least on Queen Street.

Yes, an overall, comprehensive, town approach is needed to control traffic and speeding, but I trust it will be done without any additional bumps. For if they were the answer, then every non-state or non-federal road in Newtown should have bumps! Hardly a desired outcome.

The "safety zone" created on Queen Street is but an illusion, as vehicles speed from bump-to-bump and brake suddenly, as drivers maneuver these "attractive nuisance" obstacles.

Queen Street Intelligent dialogue

John I agree, but this should have happen prior to five speed bumps on Queen. The original Queen Street Area study, which studied the entire area and the impact of recommendations on other streets suggested three speed bumps. There are five. The carefull study and consideratioin of the impact of speed bumps was thrown out the window. Queen street's solutions has now become Newtown's problem. There are many other solutions to speeders such as bulb outs that don't requires speed bumps but have a similar effect of slowing down speeders. Cross walks also have a calmimg impact. The Police Commission and our First Selectman have now set a standard, no cars can go faster than the 25 MPH speed limit. However the standard appears to apply to only one street, Queen Street. Equal protection is out the window. The PC needs to start over with an attitude of how to approach this issue on a town wide basis and not give special consideration to Queen Street residents just because they have pull in the First Selectmans office.

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