New Programs Announced At HealingNewtown Arts Space, April 22-27

Newtown Cultural Arts Commission (NCAC), Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, and The Connecticut Office of the Arts have come together to create HealingNewtown Arts Space at 5 Queen Street. Free workshops and classes are offered regularly offered by local and regional teachers, artists, musicians, et al.

The following events have recently been added to the arts center’s schedule. Please search for HealingNewtown on this website vfor previously announced programs or HealingNewtown.org for a full list of upcoming events.

Reservations are requested for most workshops and can be done through the art space’s website. Call 203-364-9230 for additional information.

*Mondays, April 22 and 29, 12-3 pm, Weaving Workshop with Hanna Roehrs.

Adults are invited to join Hanna in a continuation of her weaving workshop. Beginners are welcome.

Contact Hanna at ihmt40@gmail.com with any questions.

*Monday, April 22, 4 pm, “Knuts” About Knitting.

(Also Friday, April 26, 4 pm, and Friday, May 3, 11 am).

“Learn to knit! Knitting is a fun and relaxing activity. It also helps develop manual dexterity and can even sharpen math skills,” says Sharon Fraser, who will be offering three knitting workshops for ages 8 and up.

At the beginning of the ongoing workshop students will learn how to cast on stitches, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and how to bind off. After these skills have been mastered, students will move on to more intricate stitches and will learn how to read a pattern. The group’s first project will be knitting a scarf.

Along the way Ms Fraser hopes her guests “will discover a wonderful way to spend your time, while relaxing, laughing with your friends, and making beautiful items for yourself, gifts for your friends and family, or maybe making items to sell at craft shows or in your own online shop.”

*Tuesday, April 23, 4:30-5:30 pm, Middle Eastern Dance and Rhythm Workshop for Kids.

Riskallah Riyad and Lorelie from CT Dance Oasis of Danbury will return for a Middle Eastern dance and rhythm workshop for kids. Parents are also welcome.

There will also be a short performance by The CT Dance Oasis Kids.

*Saturday, April 27, performances at 2 and 3:15 pm (see details below), Tütenschleider Musical Tale.

When Jocelyn Hotchkiss (the toot) and Jackie Harris-Stone (the slider) met in March 2012, they realized instantaneously that their flute and bass trombone were a perfect match: the beauty of the flute and the elegance of brass combined to create a unique and flexible tonal palate. Thus, Tütenschleider (“toot and slider”) was born. The Musical Tales incorporate music with classical stories, and add in a healthy dose of interaction with the audience in the form of movement, dance, and drumming.

The two women make their our programs appealing to all generations, so not only do the kids learn how to incorporate music into their play, but performances provide a break and a mood-lift for the adults.

The duo will perform at 2 pm for ages 5-8, and then at 3:15 for ages 2-4.

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