Newtown Is The New North Stamford

To the Editor:

I read with interest, a letter from last week [“Queen Street’s Big Picture Needs A Regional View,” Letter Hive, 7/24/13], extolling the virtues of the new large yellow bumps on Queen Street. Apparently we must accept them because they were first used in Southern Fairfield County, and their migration north must be natural, I assume.  It was stated that the “bumps” solved the problem in an affordable manner. In fact, the problem is not solved. We cringe as we navigate the “bumps”, speed between them, hope that the vehicle behind us does not ram us from behind as we slow, etc. No, far from solved, the town has only created an “attractive nuisance” on a major borough thoroughfare, and we await the first lawsuit against the town for placing obstacles on a road surface that causes accidents. It will happen.

I find it interesting that the author stated that he fought for ten years to get speed tables on his street when he lived in Stamford. Well, as an experienced “bumpologist,” he was able to find a path to speed bumps on Queen Street. I can only wonder why such an expert chose a street “sans bumps” when he moved to Newtown. Perhaps we should change the name of Newtown to North Stamford now that we have similar speed management. 

The example of bumps on a cut-through road between the Merritt Parkway and Route 1 in Westport is laughable. Can you really compare Glover and Wasserman Way to the Merritt and Route 1?  No!  The demographics and road traffic do not support comparison of Queen Street to largely populated towns in smaller geographic areas, in Southern Fairfield County.

The error here was to acquiesce to the small portion of the town population, and dramatically change travel for all residents. This sets a precedent for local residents to change traffic without a referendum.  The squeaky wheels getting the grease.

Between the yellow speed bumps and the freshly painted double yellow lines, Queen Street residents may soon be asking for the town to hire pest control to manage the increased number of yellow jackets attracted to the area! Since we have four seasons, snow plowing on Queen Street will be an interesting challenge for this coming winter.

So why no double yellow line or large yellow bumps on the cut-through road of Currituck Road, when the cut-through road of Queen Street has them, and freshly painted? Well, that is a squeak for another day!


Richard A. English

3 Curry Drive, Newtown,                   July 30, 2013

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