Newtown’s Deplorable Roads

To the Editor:

We pay at least $8,000 in taxes every year to this town, as I'm sure many others do.  We are not getting our money's worth.  Some of the roads in this town are deplorable.  I go to tag sales every week-end and at least three paved roads are disgusting.  Platt's Hill Road looks like it hasn't been done in the 45 years I've lived here.  Parts of Brushy Hill Road and all of Shut Road are terrible.

I feel awful for the poor people who live on these roads, and I am sure there are more bad roads than these three.  How does somebody get their road resurfaced?  Do they have to be a big shot?  Have pull with someone?  Come on Newtown, let's get with the program.  Bethel used to be worse than Newtown.  Not any more.

Louise Baker

17 Hyvue Drive, Newtown                    October 7, 2013

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