Newtown Youth Needed in Oklahoma

To the Editor:

Ben’s Lighthouse, the organization that hosted the recent Lighthouse Festival, is committed to community service as part of its three-pronged approach to supporting the youth of Newtown in the recovery from the tragic events of December.  By helping others, our children strengthen their own resolve to move forward.

With very short notice, an opportunity has arisen to travel to the tornado-ravaged region of Oklahoma to help with the clean-up and preliminary repairs of those devastated communities.  Ben’s Lighthouse is arranging to bring between 10 and 40 high school students on this trip.  The trip is being funded by outside sources with little or no cost to the participants.

Any youth who finished 8th-12th grade this spring who is interested in participating must attend, along with a parent or guardian, an informational meeting this Saturday, June 29.  Spaces may be limited and there are many things to discuss, so attendance is very important.

The work in Oklahoma is being managed by Group Cares Work Camps, an organization familiar to many of the church youth groups in town.  Group Cares is a Christian organization with Christian themes that will carry throughout the week.  However, Ben’s Lighthouse is inviting participants from all backgrounds to participate.  We will discuss any concerns and many other details at the June 29 meeting so that you can make an educated decision.

You will find answers to many of your initial questions at www.benslighthouse.org/Oklahoma. 


Rick Haylon, Chair

Ben’s Lighthouse (for Newtown’s Children)

36 Main Street, Newtown                 June 26, 2013

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