Parade Was A Labor Of Love

To the Editor:

How do we thank our town? The Newtown Labor Day Parade Committee is full of gratitude and appreciation as we reflect on this year’s parade. We traditionally list all the people and organizations who have participated in the parade, but this year is different – we all know that. And this was the dream and the vision of our committee: to make this parade different and the same. Our goal was to honor and to recognize 12/14 while offering the town an opportunity to come together, to smile and to celebrate all that makes Newtown such a special community.

So thank you Newtown. To our first responders, our town leaders, our educators and all our citizens- thank you for allowing us to honor you in a special way this year. To all our participants, new and old, thank you for helping us to smile, laugh, hug, cry and then smile again.

Thank you to our sponsors: Newtown Savings Bank, our title sponsor, you’re always there for us in so many ways.  To Todd at Ingersoll Automotive, Maplewood of Newtown, Newtown Rotary, Newtown Veterinary Specialists, Atherton and Associates, Caraluzzi’s, Newtown Hardware, Leahy’s- our deepest appreciation goes out to all our sponsors, supporters, advertisers and patrons. It is through your ongoing generosity that we are able to enjoy the success of this time-honored tradition.

Thank you to the volunteers who organize the parade throughout the year as well as on parade day- committee members, emcees, street directors… you know who you are. It is a labor of love for us all. We are Newtown- Marching Strong.

With deepest gratitude,

Beth Caldwell

Newtown Labor Day Committee President

Greenwood Avenue, Bethel                         September 4, 2013

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