Pick Any Other Day For Advocacy

To the Editor:

I firmly believe in our Second Amendment rights. I also come from a family of gun-owners and believe that, in certain circumstances, guns can absolutely save lives. However, the recent news of multiple organizations hosting “Guns Save Lives Day” on December 14th, of all days possible, is extremely worrisome. It seems like no fluke that they would happen to choose this particular day (of the 365 they could have chosen from).

Quite frankly, the ideology they are advocating for is not at all worrisome in comparison to the insensitivity that they are radiating. The First Amendment guarantees us freedom of speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble. Thus, they are well within their jurisdiction to carry on (what they perceive to be) their “advocacy project.” Unfortunately, they do not realize that their advocacy project – if it is even worthy of being called that – advocates more for the pain of Newtown than for “saving lives,” as they claim. 

Considering they want to save lives, you would think their intentions would be in good manner, but they seem to ignore the blatant notion that, in the process, they are inflicting immense pain on those who were affected that day. Unfortunately, this is a true testament to how far our society would go to prove a point. At this rate, I am truly worried for the future of this country. These groups in particular are willing to open a new wound on the already-wounded, simply to get a political point across.

December 14th is going to be an extremely painful day as is for the entire Newtown/Sandy Hook community. My eyes begin to tear up just at the thought of it.  However, it should also be a day of peace, a day of remembrance of the 26 angels we lost, and a day of healing. It should not be a day to discuss politics and create further division.

Quite honestly, it amazes me how people can have the audacity and cold-heartedness to knowingly hurt a town that will already be hurting that day. I simply cannot fathom how an organization that claims good intentions can be so insensitive and utterly disrespectful. And, if I am incorrect in saying that they are “knowingly” causing pain, then I can only hope that the thousands of voices they have heard so far will make a difference.

Simply put, politics from both sides of the gun debate (or any debate) are not welcome in Newtown on December 14th. It is not a day that should be used as the platform to a political agenda, nor is it a day for politics to even be discussed.

There is a petition that was created by Mark Barden, the father of Daniel Barden, and Nicole Hockley, the mother of Dylan Hockley titled “Nothing But Love on December 14th.” I urge all readers to sign this petition, located on sandyhookpromise.org.

Mergim Bajraliu

8 Charlies Circle, Sandy Hook               October 13, 2013

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