Police List Road Closures, Parking Bans For Labor Day Parade

The 52nd Newtown Labor Day Parade is scheduled to start at 10 am on Monday, September 2, returning to its morning start time following the two preceding parades which were held in the afternoon.

The parade will start at the head of Main Street and then proceed southward on Main Street to eastbound Glover Avenue, and then to northbound Queen Street.

Staging the parade will require that roads in the town center be closed to traffic, according to police Lieutenant Christopher Vanghele.

Affected road sections will be closed to through-traffic from about 9:40 am to about 1:15 pm, he said.

Roadblocks to prevent motor vehicle travel in the town center will be set up on Mt Pleasant Road at its intersection with Reservoir Road; on Main Street at its intersections with Academy Lane, Currituck Road, Hanover Road, Schoolhouse Hill Road, and West Street; on westbound Church Hill Road at its intersection with The Boulevard; on Sugar Street at its intersection with Elm Drive; on northbound Queen Street at its intersection with Elizabeth Street; and on northbound South Main Street at its intersection with Elizabeth Street.

The detour for northbound traffic on South Main Street will be via Wasserman Way.

Lt Vanghele said that the following road sections will have No Parking signs posted on them and will be considered tow-away zones: The Boulevard between Church Hill Road and Schoolhouse Hill Road; Schoolhouse Hill Road between The Boulevard and Main Street; Hanover Road between Main Street and Hall Lane; Elm Drive between Sugar Street and Hawley Road; as well as one side of Meadow Road and one side of Elizabeth Street. 

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