Police News September 28 - October 3, 2013

Sugar Street DUI

Police said that at about 10:43 pm on October 2, they stopped motorist Dana Bennett, 68, of Monroe to investigate on Sugar Street, near its intersection with Key Rock Road.

Police said that they then charged Bennett with driving under the influence and with failure to drive to the right. Bennett was held on $500 bail for an arraignment on October 3 in Danbury Superior Court, police said.

Following arraignment, Bennett was released from court on a written promise to appear in court on October 17, when Bennett is scheduled to plead to the charges.


Intersection Collision

A two-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Main Street and Schoolhouse Hill Road about 7:18 am on October 3.

Police report that motorist Jordan Sock, 17, of 8 North Ridge Drive was driving a 2006 Audi sedan southward on Main Street, as motorist Deborah Tether, 52, of 6 Curry Drive was driving a 2012 Nissan Altima sedan northward there.

The Audi then started to make a left turn onto Schoolhouse Hill Road, resulting in the two vehicles colliding, police said.

Tether was transported to Danbury Hospital on a report of pain, police said.

Sock received an infraction for failure to grant the right of way, according to police.


Poverty Hollow DUI

Police report they received calls from motorists telling them of an erratic driver on northbound Poverty Hollow Road at about 2 pm on October 3, so they went to the area to investigate.

Police said they stopped motorist Samuel Testa, 61, of 13 Mt Nebo Road at the intersection of Poverty Hollow Road and Hattertown Road to investigate.

Testa was charged with driving under the influence and with failure to drive to the right, police said. Testa was released on $70 bail for an October 17 court appearance.

Juvenile Drug Charges

On the morning of October 1 following an investigation, police charged a youth at Newtown Middle School, 11 Queen Street, with failure to keep a prescription medication in its original container and with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Following arrest processing, police released the youth for an October 21 appearance at Danbury Juvenile Court. Because the youth arrested is under age 18, police did not disclose the person’s identity.


Sandy Hook Vandalism

Police are investigating a case of vandalism in Sandy Hook Center.

At about 8:15 am on October 3, police received a report that someone sometime during the night of October 2–3 had intentionally damaged a freestanding light post at 5 Glen Road. Police ask anyone with knowledge of the criminal mischief to contact them at 203-426-5841.


Dodgingtown Mishap

Police said that motorist Jill Shepard, 31, of 1 Glover Avenue was driving a 2008 Subaru Legacy sedan westward near 5 Flat Swamp Road at about 2:30 pm on September 28, when a tree branch fell downward hitting and damaging the auto’s rear windshield.

The impact startled Shepard, resulting in the auto going out of control and striking a tree head-on along the right road shoulder, police said.

Shepard was not injured. Police took no enforcement.



Police report that at about 2:15 pm on October 3, a person who was driving a blue pickup truck backed into the rear bumper of a parked Honda Accord, damaging the Honda, which was parked in a commercial parking lot in the borough. The pickup truck driver then drove away.

Police said the Honda had been parked in a handicapped parking space in front of a package store at the shopping plaza that holds Caraluzzi’s Market at 5 Queen Street.

Police request anyone who knows who was driving the pickup truck to contact them at 203-426-5841.



A two-vehicle rear-end collision took place about 1:12 pm on October 5 near 115 Church Hill Road in Sandy Hook Center, police said.

Motorist Yolanda Roman-Vega, 47, of 16 Jangling Plains Road was driving a 2001 Honda Accord coupe westward on Church Hill Road and then stopped for traffic conditions, after which the Honda was struck from behind by westbound motorist Kendra Bobowick, 41, of 13 Great Quarter Road, who was driving a 1967 Ford Bronco SUV, police said.

There were no injuries. Police said they verbally warned Bobowick for following too closely.


Mile Hill Road

Police said motorist Doreen Sicotta 43, of Cross River, N.Y., who was driving a 2012 BMW 528-I sedan westward on Mile Hill Road, stopped for traffic near a traffic signal at the intersection of Mile Hill Road and South Main Street at about 8 am on October 3.

Westbound motorist Marjorie Shaffer, 51, of 32 Grand Place, who was driving a 2007 Volvo S-60 sedan, then struck the rear end of the BMW, police said.

There were no injuries. Police said Shaffer received an infraction for following too closely.


Toddy Hill Road

At about 2:35 am on September 26, motorist Mitchell Bloomberg, 22, who was driving a 2003 Honda Accord sedan northward near 115 Toddy Hill Road, crossed into the opposite lane and then went off the left road shoulder, striking a rock and a tree before reentering the road, police said.

Police listed both 22 Naraganssett Trail in Sandy Hook and an East Boston, Mass., address for Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was not injured. He received a written warning for failure to drive to the right and for making a restricted turn.


Hawleyville Accident

Police report a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Hawleyville Road and Old Hawleyville Road about 3:30 pm on October 1.

The accident involved motorist Marie Cesarini, 43, of New Milford, who was driving a 2005 Mazda Tribute SUV, and motorist Robert Lasher, 16, of 4 Cedarhurst Trail, who was driving a 2011 Subaru Legacy sedan, police said. Cesarini received an infraction for passing on the right, according to police.



Police said that on October 5, they arrested John Dosky, 21, of 15 Jeremiah Road on a warrant, charging him with second-degree failure to appear in court stemming from initial charges of possession of less than four ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

After processing, Dosky was released on $1,000 bail for an October 17 court appearance, police said.


South Main Street

About 11:23 pm on September 27, motorist Frantz Berlin, 44, of Bridgeport was driving a 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML-320 SUV northward on South Main Street, as motorist Cady Jackman, 20, of 4 Pine Street, who was driving a 2004 Subaru legacy station wagon, was traveling eastward on the exit driveway at Plaza South at 266 South Main Street, police said.

The traffic signal at the intersection of the driveway and South Main Street was on flasher mode, police said.

The Subaru stopped for a red flashing signal and then attempted to travel from the plaza onto South Main Street and onto Button Shop Road, but the two vehicles collided, police said.

There were no injuries. Jackman received a written warning for failure to obey a traffic control signal. Berlin received a written warning for driving an unregistered vehicle.


Intersection Crash

A two-truck accident occurred at the intersection of South Main Street and Mile Hill Road about 3:38 pm on October 1.

In that incident, motorist Lautaro Alvarez, 41, of 276 Berkshire Road, who was driving a 2011 Ford F-550 dump truck southward on South Main Street, attempted to turn left onto Mile Hill Road, but collided with motorist Ryan Ross, 27, of Danbury, who was driving a 2003 Ford Ranger pickup truck northward on South main Street, police said.

There were no injuries. Alvarez received a written warning for making a restricted turn.


Swamp Road Mishap

Police report that driver Carl Bergquist, 26, of 4 Meadowbrook Road was driving a 2010 Jeep Wrangler SUV, which was towing a U-Haul trailer, northward near 21 Swamp Road about 2:31 pm on October 4, when the trailer detached from the Jeep and the trailer went off the right road shoulder, striking a tree.

There were no injuries. Police said they verbally warned Bergquist for failure to secure a load.


Two SUVs

At about 5:32 pm on October 2, motorist N. Nawaz, 42, of 7 Pond View Drive, who was driving a 2003 Lexus GX-470 SUV, stopped for traffic conditions on southbound Botsford Hill Road at its intersection with High Bridge Road, police said.

Southbound motorist S. Wang, 44, of Shelton, who was driving a 2006 Honda CRV SUV, then struck the rear end of the Lexus, police said.

There were no injuries. Wang received a written warning for following too closely, police said.

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