Police Probe Gunfire Incidents At Scattered Locations

Police are investigating a string of incidents on or about March 12 in which someone apparently shot a firearm toward three local homes, damaging the properties.

There reportedly were no injuries in the incidents.

Police have acknowledged that “damage” occurred at a home on Berkshire Road and a home on Saw Mill Road. Police incident logs indicate that yet another incident occurred on Alpine Drive.

Police have provided no information on who may have shot at the houses or the motive for such actions.

According to a police news release issued on March 19, at approximately 9:37 am on March 12 police received a report from a resident on Saw Mill Road concerning an “unknown projectile creating a small hole in the wall…and coming to rest in an opposing wall.”

Police said that a resident of the home had discovered the damage in the early morning hours.

Saw Mill Road extends from Mt Pleasant Road toward the Taunton District.

In another news release, police said that “a residential window was damaged on Berkshire Road.”

The news release erroneously listed the incident as having occurred overnight on March 18 to March 19, when, in fact, police incident logs indicate that the incident actually had occurred a week earlier. Police received a report on that incident at 6:22 pm on March 12.

That house, which has bullet hole damage to a front window, is located on Berkshire Road near Zoar Cemetery.

By the deadline for this print edition of The Bee, police had issued no news release concerning a third incident on Alpine Drive in the Riverside section, which was reported to them about 9:07 am on March 12.

Although police have provided very little information on the incidents, they are asking the public with knowledge of what occurred to contact them at the police station.

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