The Positive Economics Of Solar Energy

To the Editor:

Four years ago when the Clean Energy Fund in Connecticut offered an attractive lease program, my wife and I made a decision that we enjoy every day. We installed a 7-kilowatt solar electric system on our home that supplies about half of our power, for no money down under a long-term lease. Now every month, $85 is deducted from our bank account for power that would otherwise have cost us $125 if it didn’t come from our roof but rather from CL&P. As utility prices go up, we’ll save even more.

If you come to Reed Middle School on Tuesday evening at 7 pm, you’ll hear how the program has gotten even better. You may have read that the cost of solar panels has dropped tremendously as the market in the United States has exploded. Now community leaders in Newtown have worked with the state to drive the system price down even further for Newtown residents.

Through the SolarizeCT program, an RFP for qualified installation companies was issued to compete for your business. Astrum Solar was selected due to their quality work in other towns, their outstanding warranties and super low pricing already negotiated on your behalf by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority.

There’s little dispute about the reliability and environmental benefits of solar. If you have a southern exposure on your roof or property, you may be able to realize financial benefits as well. The cost of solar panels has dropped over 75% in recent years. This fact along with an installation company that is betting on busy and cost effective installation crews in our town, will provide even more savings than you could get on your own without Solarize Newtown.

On Tuesday night, the complexities will be made simple including financing options that will allow you save from day one without putting any money down or you can simply purchase to maximize your savings. We are just one of 40 families in Newtown that have solar electric systems today. It would be wonderful to double or triple that number in our town as we diversify our energy use for the future. 

If you haven’t heard about the economics of solar lately, your time will be rewarded on Tuesday night.  

Ron & Jodi French

Dinglebrook Lane, Newtown                                September 18, 2013

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