A Pragmatic Approach To Fund Disbursement

To the Editor:

In the New York Times on March 24th, Will Rogers is quoted as saying, “this will be a thankless job”, in regards to disbursing the $10.2M fund collected by the United Way.

First, I would like for Mr Rogers to publicly apologize to all the people who donated to that fund for his insensitive remark.

Second, I would like to propose a disbursement idea.  There is no set of best practices for disbursing this aid properly, but I believe at the very least, the victim’s families should be given a portion to manage in their own best interests, rather than having to come ‘hat in hand’ to any authority.

A pragmatic approach would be that 50 percent of the fund be immediately disbursed to the 26 families, at around $200,000 each family.  An additional 10 percent of the fund would be disbursed to the families of the survivors of the two classrooms at around $95,000 each family.  The remaining 40 percent creates two funds, at $2,000,000 each, for use by the first responders and Sandy Hook School community – for purposes which can be managed and disbursed by this committee.

Please note that neither I, nor any member of my family are included in any of the groups to which these funds would be disbursed.

Sally Lynn MacDonald

5 Beagle Trail, Sandy Hook               March 31, 2013

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