Preserving The Intangibles

To the Editor:

A recent article in The Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed for Castle Hill,” 2/22/13] shed light on a proposed  housing complex to be constructed in the borough, situated throughout 136 acres on Castle Hill Road.  This area in the center of town, with its views, charm, and rural feel, in my opinion, is everyone's “collective backyard.”  We are a large town geographically, but a small town in character and feel.  The center of our town is where many of our children trick or treat,  where we light our town Christmas tree, and walk side by side in our labor day parade.

The addition of 136 homes will do irreparable harm.  The burden on town expenses alone should not support this idea.  However, the real cost of this project becomes the intangibles.  The pastoral feel when driving down Castle Hill and seeing our town with its flag waving in the wind is priceless.   We have an opportunity to preserve this land for ourselves and our children.  If this were to be sold to a developer, the opportunity will be gone forever, and along with it, a small town feel that I for one,  am proud to be a part of.  Once again, strong leadership from our town officials is needed.


Betsy Morrissey

16 Merlins Lane, Newtown                    March 5, 2013

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