To Prevent Violence, Start At Home

To the Editor:

I would like to take a moment and thank Po Murray, that’s not easy for me to say given her stance on many issues being well on the other side of my own personal beliefs! I would like to thank her for providing the list of those state senators and house representatives who must be defeated in their next election cycle!

The list she provided in the Letter Hive of the Bee on March 27th, 2014 is nothing short of tyranny in black and white! The list is clear evidence of each one of our “elected” state government officials who has broken their oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut Constitution by not only participating in an unconstitutional legislation tactic known as E-CERT, but who have also brought shame to the state and themselves for enacting unconstitutional laws that were passed on the backs of dead children. Public Act 13-3 (AKA SB-1160), does nothing to prevent another tragedy, it does nothing to curb violence, and does absolutely nothing to remove guns from the hands of criminals. It does, however, harass, restrict, and criminalize many CT law abiding, taxpaying citizens who have now had to make a choice between registration of a so called “Assault Rifle” or to keep their possessions undocumented.

The continuing harassment and infringement of our rights has not gone unnoticed, the very list of representatives that Po has provided are the problem of our current state of dysfunction and require removal by voting at the polls. A few on the list, such as DebraLee Hovey, are not seeking reelection as they know they have broken the trust of the people. Though it is a long way to the November election, the CCDL rally held at the capitol on Saturday, April 5th, gives me great hope that this current governor and many on Po’s list have seen their last term in office! Those who seek to restrict God-given civil liberty do not deserve a place in public governance!

If you wish to prevent violence, prevent another tragedy like our burden of 12/14, then you must start at home with your own family, encouraging love based on deep faith, community service, and charity based on genuine heartfelt concern for your neighbor. Assault, aggression, and murder are all acts of evil behavior mostly stemming from abuse and neglect, sometimes coupled with mental defect, but all preventable through strong family values! We are all accountable for our actions and for our children’s actions, it is up to us to give them the tools to cope and survive in society. No amount of legislation will ever accomplish that, it will however, hamper those efforts often! I think it is a shame that many in our town and around the country have missed the true lessons of 12/14, the human factors leading to it are all that really matter!


Peter Barresi

Walker Hill Rd, Sandy Hook                        April 9, 2014

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