The Problem With Socialism

To the Editor:

The Founder’s Washington, Madison, and Jefferson’s views of “Individual Rights” is similar to those of Dr Ben Carson, who recently wrote, American the Beautiful, a New York Times bestseller. Contrast that view against that of President Obama and other Progressives and you will discover what Obama’s gun control agenda is really about.

“Of all the nations in the world, of all the social experiments tried through the centuries, there is no country I’d rather be a citizen of and call home than America. Where else but in this land of opportunity are people given so much ‘Freedom’ to pursue their dreams, with potential to ring out the best in everyone?” says Dr Benjamin Carson.

How does this view expressed by Dr Carson compare with the notion of Progressives and President Obama’s view of “Collective Rights: of various groups to the exclusion of individual rights and responsibilities from guns to personal property? People who say “You did not build that, society did” are envious or trying to instill a victim mentality.

To “Progressives” what Madison, Jefferson and the other founders called the “Rights of human nature,” are a delusion of the 18th Century mindset. Never mind that our US Constitution, based on “individual rights and liberty” produced the greatest nation with the most prosperity for over 240 years.

“Progressives” say science has proved there is no permanent human nature. The result is they regard what the Founders called: “Rights of human nature” (like self-defense) as an enemy of collective welfare which should always take precedence over the rights of individuals.

For “Progressives” the “claimed” welfare of the people — not liberty, as our Founders believed — is the purpose of government. And in their view government should only be in the hands of experts such as themselves.

“Progressives” do not think that any individual should be responsible for their own defense or even the defense of their family. While the “Founders” thought the American people themselves, not government, would provide the best “Homeland Security.”

“Progressives” do not trust you…i.e., “We the People,” to be in charge of ourselves or to direct government. “Progressives” like President Obama, and Mayor “nanny” Bloomberg, believe it is their job to think for you an tell you what to do. When our children are only taught the “Progressive” slanted view of the world in school, they are being indoctrinated, not educated.

Note: The word “Democratic” without liberty and freedom is just a word. The former Communist East German regime before reunification was called: “The German Democratic Republic.” And the word “Progressive” was identified as a code word for Socialist and Communist movements in the 1960s by author and JFK Biographer David Horowitz in this book Radical Son.

The problem with Socialism is that history shows, it always leads to bankruptcy and totalitarianism.

Daniel Kormanik

178 Hanover Road, Newtown              April 24, 2013


A Response to Mr. Kormanik

Mr. Kormanik:

I resoundingly agree with your observations. It is unfortunate and dangerous that so few residents of Newtown, Connecticut and the U.S. feel the same. It appears the unending warnings regarding where this band of clowns is taking this country fall largely on deaf ears. For the older liberals, they were Democrats when they were younger and as the party has moved off-the-grid left, they continue to follow it blindly. The younger voters appear to believe the hollow promises offered by Socialism with no desire to hold its executors accountable. Makes one realize progressives don't think this through to an end game....if they did, they would presumably choose to avoid the imminent disasters Obama's policies will provide.

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