Proud Of Our Community

To the Editor:

It is now six months since 12/14/12. That day, that terrible day when 26 families were shattered and our community was traumatized in ways that we are only beginning to come to grips with. The wounds suffered by our children, their parents, educators, first-responders and others will take many years to heal. We already see that we were all affected by this horror in our own unique ways. Some of us will be able to move on with our lives, while some will struggle with the consequences for a long time. What is undeniable is that we have all been affected. In this way, regardless of our zip code, we are all Sandy Hook.

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel the panic, anger, and sorrow all over again. The threats made to our schools and our children on 6/10 brought these feelings into focus anew. Like most parents, I now hug my children a little longer and a little tighter. I know now that every good-night kiss, every hug at the bus stop and every moment with them is a gift: given to be cherished, not a debt owed. Every time one of them slips their hand into mine or turns to me with a smile, I whisper a prayer for those parents who no longer have a little hand to hold.

Remember that this is not over, that healing will take a long time. We have already been through so much as a community. After the event itself, we endured the further trauma inflicted by the news media, unrelenting political vitriol and by the sick and twisted minds who seek to twist this tragedy to fill their own needs.

Through all of this, however I've never been more proud of our community. We could have reacted by turning inward and focusing on our fear and anger. Instead, we've kept our focus on the good in us and on our opportunities to help others. We have sent help and comfort to Boston and Oklahoma and we continue to support each other. We Choose Love.

As we move into the next 6 months, let us remember that we can always choose how we react to the world around us. If we let compassion and love be our guide, we will gain strength and peace for ourselves and for our entire community.

The Sandy Hook Project is dedicated to spreading a message of love and compassion. All proceeds go towards supporting counseling services for members of the Newtown community.

We are Sandy Hook – We Choose Love

Timothy Stan

6 Monitor Hill Road, Newtown                     June 12, 2013

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