Public Invited To Join Horse Guard In Welcoming Unity Riders, Monday

The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard invites the public to attend the arrival of the Dakota Riders to Newtown, as part of its annual Unity Ride, at noon on Monday, August 5.

Three years ago a series of events were set in motion within the Dakota and Lakota Native American Nation to have a Unity Ride down the East Coast, from Canada to Washington D.C. The Unity Ride, led by Chief Gus High Eagle, is held to bring a message of peace, unity, and solidarity to all whom they encounter along the way.

After the tragic events of 12/14, The Unity Ride has taken on an even more powerful and timely message of hope and healing. These riders wish to bring that message to Newtown and the State of Connecticut.

Ten Dakota Riders recently set out from their home on horseback and have begun their 4,000-mile journey. On 27 July they were in Troy, N.Y., and are now making their way down the Hudson Valley where they will be joined by more than 200 canoes on the Hudson River to symbolize the solidarity and unity of the ride.

On Monday, the Riders and those traveling with them will arrive in Newtown and the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard plans to welcome them as they ride into the gates. They will be met by Major Gordon Johnson and other dignitaries where they will pass in review of the troops, delegates, guests, and the public.

This simple gesture between the Dakota Unity Riders and the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard will be a historic moment as the Riders are descendants of Sitting Bull and the Horse Guard is one of the nations oldest, still active mounted cavalry units in the nation and a troop that keeps alive the heritage, history, and service of the US Mounted Cavalry.

After the pass in review of those gathered, there will be welcoming remarks and presentations in a public ceremony on the scenic grounds of the Horse Guard Facility.

The Unity Riders will then stay as guests of the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard until Wednesday, August 7, when they depart for the United Nations in New York City on their way to meet with President Obama in Washington, D.C.

Their journey is to be documented in a film produced by Academy Award-winning Upstate Moving Images.

The Horse Guard headquarters is at 4 Wildlife Drive, off Wasserman Way.

For information about the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard visit www.thehorseguard.org. For information about the Unity Ride visit www.theunityride.com. For details about the event on Monday, August 5, e-mail the 2GHG Public Affairs Office at publicaffairs@thehorseguard.org.

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