The Ripple Effect

To the Editor:

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. - Dalai Lama.

This is exactly what the library has experienced since January 4. First the staff, Board of Trustees and First Selectman Pat Llodra reacted quickly to enable remediation and restoration. Many Newtown businesses added their expertise to the process – J.P.Maguire’s Brian Molloy orchestrated the recovery, bringing in Meyer Moving and Storage, Red Baron Carpet, Conlan Plumbing, Ken Burns Electrical, Alarms by Precision, Johnson Controls and M. J. Daly.  Newtown Savings Bank offered us office space with internet connectivity. The old Court Room at Edmond Town Hall became a satellite information center. The Newtown Post Office kept our mail available. Other town businesses joined in our recovery – Apex Glass, Newtown Hardware, and Newtown Color Center. The Network Support Company and Total Communications Inc. became honorary Newtowners as they worked to restore our networks and telecommunications. Many small tasks were taken on by town workers from Fred Hurley’s Public Works and Amy Mangold’s Parks and Recreation departments. The Newtown Bee’s Nancy Crevier supported us with photos and articles informing our patrons of our progress.

We are grateful for The Bee’s editorial speaking to the importance of the library to our town; the wonderful Friends of the Library continued their work under adverse conditions to ensure another successful book sale to support library programs and projects; our patrons responded to an appeal for donations that rivaled our yearly annual fund drive, not only with monetary donations but with words of support; neighboring libraries such as Southbury stepped up to make available books reserved by Newtown patrons; libraries throughout the state offered support and encouragement. The ripple effect brought us a donation from a former library page in San Francisco and from a child in Rhode Island, expressing her hope that it would help us open soon. Many individuals aided us in dealing with the devastation and providing the re-opening celebration over the weekend. We thank all who participated, from the Garden Club of Newtown to Taunton Wine and Liquor, Caraluzzi’s Market, and Image One.

The library is a collaboration of individuals and groups giving of their time, talents and resources to offer Newtown a center that ties the past to the present and future. We think Mary Hawley would be pleased with the results of our efforts over the past two months – and we hope every resident will find the time to visit the library and voice your opinion also. Personally, I feel fortunate that I had so many willing helping hands, so many words of encouragement and thanks. I appreciate the letters of praise and accept them on behalf of the staff. I have never worked with a more dedicated, knowledgeable and energetic group! We have individually and collectively emerged from the past two months stronger and focused on the future. We are open!


Beryl Harrison

Acting Director

Cyrenius H. Booth Library

25 Main Street, Newtown                 March 26, 2014

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