School Officials And Board Support The Budget

To the Editor:

The Board of Education, along with Interim Superintendent Dr John Reed and incoming Superintendent Dr Joseph Erardi, respectfully requests that you join with us in supporting the 2014-2015 budget by voting YES on Tuesday, April 22nd, at Newtown Middle School between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm.

We believe this budget to be fiscally responsible while taking into account both the needs of our schools and declining enrollment. The budget was unanimously supported by both the Board of Finance and the Legislative Council. It is essential that we move beyond the recent pattern of multiple referendums. Working together in the months and years ahead as parents, citizens, elected representatives and staff, we can and will successfully shape a future for all Newtowners. We now ask that you join us at the polls on April 22nd and vote YES for education in Newtown.

Debbie Leidlein, Chairman

on behalf of the members of

The Board of Education

Dr John Reed

Dr Joseph Erardi

3 Primrose Street, Newtown                    April 9, 2014

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