Search And Rescue Or Invasion Of Privacy?

To the Editor:

I am very glad that the 73-year-old man who went missing Monday morning was found.  I am, however, concerned about the conduct of the search crews.

On Monday night just after dusk, I was sitting in my home watching TV, and without knocking on the door or alerting me to their presence, my home and property were descended upon by a half dozen people in fluorescent vests.  They proceeded to walk around my home, including back and side lawns shining flashlights into windows.  I was startled and alarmed , as without making me aware of their intentions, I didn't know what was occurring on my property.  As it was evident from the front of the house that I was present in my home, I can’t imagine why someone couldn’t have approached the front door to make me aware of the rescue efforts before entering and searching my property. Without notification, I consider the actions of the rescue crew to be trespassing and invasion of privacy.

I ask that the town please look at its search crew operating procedures and ensure that those called in to help are following a set protocol which includes common courtesy and notification to homeowners.  In my opinion, the rescue crews should approach each private home in the same manner as they would prefer to have their own homes approached in a similar situation. Again, thank you for finding our missing resident, but please review your procedures with the well being of all of us in mind.

Shay Carmichael

17 Robin Hill Road, Newtown                           August 12, 2014

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