Seeking Protection From Gun Violence

To the Editor:

Thank you to The Bee for your thorough coverage of the movement to expand and strengthen background checks on the federal level. On page A-7 of the June 6 issue, the article that reported on the #NotOneMore demonstration in front of the NSSF was informative, balanced, and timely.

Expanded background checks to keep guns out of the hands of people who clearly pose imminent danger to themselves and others will keep Americans safer from the kind of gun violence that tore apart families and wounded our hearts and souls one and a half years ago.

The NSSF and its partner the NRA oppose common-sense violence reduction measures like background checks. Their only solution is to sell more guns, sales which line the pockets of their corporate sponsors. Demonstrations at the NSSF are held to remind Newtowners that this “hometown” organization continues to profit from our grief when innocent people continue to be senselessly killed every day by guns in the hands of the wrong people.


Andrew Morosky

11 The Boulevard, Newtown                                June 9, 2014

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Man this crap is getting old. Newtown Action Alliance is nothing more than a group of bigots spreading hate. They seem hell bent on erasing the message of "We Choose Love" and replacing it with hate, fear and bigotry. Stupid comments like "profit from our grief" is not only 100% false, but it's hypocritical. Considering the fact that it is coming from an organization that does nothing but exploit tragedy (NAA).

Andrew Morosky - please freshen up on the current laws before jumping up on you soapbox. CT already expanded background checks to all gun purchases. There is no loophole.

And Barbara - no need for the passive aggressive comments... when you say: "Keep your guns, Mr Hirsch. I hope it doesn't take the loss of someone you love for you to wise up" someone could easily throw it back at you and say something like "Keep your gun control. I hope it doesn't take the loss of someone you love for you to wise up that the police cannot protect everyone. In fact they aren't even obligated to try to protect you at all."

Arms, safety and common sense


Meeting force with equal or superior force is the only way to stop an attack? A ridiculous and dangerous notion - one that is not supported in reality. If it were, the NRA would not be dead set against research being done, and the US with its 300 million guns would be the safest place on earth. Instead, we far surpass any other civilized country in gun deaths. In your own state of Florida homicides are sharply up since the passage of Stand Your Ground laws. Guess that's not a problem for you. How many mass shooting events have been stopped by a citizen's gun as opposed to pepper spray, tackling when magazines were being changed, or even talking the person down, as that heroic woman Ms Tuff did in the Georgia school last year? Not even one that I have heard of.

Keep your guns, Mr Hirsch. I hope it doesn't take the loss of someone you love for you to wise up that measures like background checks on all commercial gun sales are an effective way to keep lethal weapons out of the wrong hands while not impinging on the Second Amendment. I join with the Morosky's and the majority of Americans who value a civil society where our children don't have to be protected by armed guards or bullet proof backpacks to feel safe.

The whole gun control idea is a massive non sequitur

First, real common sense dictates that only meeting force with equal or superior force can stop an attack. This is irrefutable. This is why people who choose to mill about as vulnerable sheep call 911 - to summon people with GUNS.

Second, since the people (with guns) they summon will not arrive in time to stop the attack, to rely on calling 911 (presuming one actually has the opportunity to make that call) instead of honing and equipping one's own self-defense skills is unvarnished naïveté.

Third, what is misconstrued as "common sense" cannot overcome plain constitutional constraints on government actions dealing with the broad attenuation of fundamental rights of the people. Those protections were put in place for a reason, and while times change, principles don't.

Wise up, Mr. Morosky. The whole progressive, proletarian "cog-in-the-wheel" thing is unAmerican and foolhardy.

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