Show What We Are Made Of

To the Editor:

In Sandy Hook, like in other areas, our elementary school is the center of our community. Our children learned to ride their bikes in the parking lot. They learned to read and write in the classrooms alongside their friends and neighbors. They played baseball on hot summer days and took their first driving lesson in the big open parking lot on a quiet Saturday afternoon. On December 14, 2012 many things were taken from us. Six women gave their lives, and  20, yes 20 children will never have the chance to grow up.

Saturday, October 5th will be our chance to voice our gratitude to the state for the gift of $50,000,000 that they are offering to rebuild Sandy Hook School. Lets show the world what we are made of. Please join me and my family in voting yes. Yes to a future for our community, yes for the children that we have to bring home from Monroe.

Mary Ann Jacob

65 Mohawk Trail, Sandy Hook                         October 1, 2013

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