A Slap In The Face

To the Editor:

The building committee just told seven residents that they are not a “good fit” for Newtown when they recommended Consigli Construction and not Turner Construction Company to rebuild the Sandy Hook School. There are seven Turner employees living in town with their children in the schools and more in Monroe and Trumbull. My children attended Sandy Hook School until we moved across town in February 2012. To say that we are insulted is putting mildly.

What did the building committee turn down? Turner is the #1 school builder in the nation, it built nine billion dollars of work in 2012 in all areas of construction, and the CEO is personally involved. The 4 member construction team promised the project was three Newtown residents and one Monroe resident. Combined they have over 100 years of construction experience, three civil engineering degrees, one mechanical engineering degree, and one MBA. Everyone was a LEED accredited professional. Behind the scenes others would be working on accounting, purchasing, insurance, etc. Turner helped with all the preconstruction. Turner made donations during the preconstruction and was going to make a substantial donation during construction. I would love to know the reasoning behind this decision

What did the committee recommend? A small, out of state construction company with limited school experience and NO community ties. Is this company going to sit in meetings and pretend to understand what happened on 12/14/12? Do they remember cub scouts, teacher meetings, picking up at the nurses office, etc. This will never be discussed in public because of the embarrassment in trying to defend the selection.  

This is so typical of this towns committee. You were offered the Yankees and chose the Bridgeport Bluefish because you volunteer at night and you are smarter than the facts. When things get tough and fingers are pointing remember that “you made the call”.

So when the building committee uses the word “we” or “our” do not rely on the fact that you live in town mean that you are included.

I have nothing against the chosen contractors and wish them well. It is just that this is NOT their town and I feel like I have been slapped in the face.

Larry Garner

32 Winton Farm Road, Newtown                 September 18, 2013

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Slap in the face

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

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