Sobriety Checkpoint Nets One DUI Arrest, Many Other Violations

Police report that during a sobriety checkpoint that they held on the evening of Saturday, July 19, and early morning hours of Sunday, July 20, at the intersection of Wasserman Way and Trades Lane at Fairfield Hills, they charged a Southbury man with driving under the influence.

Police said that at about 8 pm on July 19, Tyler Hine, 19, of Southbury was driving eastward on Wasserman Way and then stopped at the checkpoint.

Police said they detected the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle driven by Hine, after which they investigated and charged Hine with driving under the influence, possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

After arrest processing, police released Hine on $100 bail for a July 31 arraignment in Danbury Superior Court.

Also during the checkpoint, police issued three infractions for possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, according to police Lieutenant Christopher Vanghele.

Also, police issued one infraction for driving without a license, one infraction for driving an unregistered vehicle, and two infractions for failure to wear a seatbelt.

Police issued two warnings for speeding and gave out 17 warnings for miscellaneous motor vehicle violations, Lt Vanghele said.

Police estimate that 650 vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

During such checkpoints, police stop motorists driving in both directions and briefly interview them to determine whether they are driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. 

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