Solarize Newtown Program Set To End

To the Editor:

The Solarize Newtown program is coming to an end.  Participants in the program must sign contracts by February 28 in order to maximize savings.

Our participating partner, Astrum Solar has already contracted 200 kWs of capacity. This is the equivalent of the large system that we have on the Middle School.  We are currently at Tier 4 pricing and still hope to achieve Tier 5.  Once the program ends, the state incentive will also drop to a lower rate.  This would result in a home owner paying approximately $2100 more for an average size system of 7 kW.

For more information, go to www.solarizect.com/newtown.

Kathy Quinn

Program Coordinator

Solarize Newtown

17 Scudder Rd. Newtown                February 19, 2014

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