‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season Opener Will Mirror 12/14

It will not be the first time a television series depicts events that are close to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14 (Glee was the first to take that step, five months ago), but a television show airing at 10 pm tonight may be difficult for many people to watch. 

Sons of Anarchy, the popular FX series about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in the fictional town of Charming, Calif., will have its season premiere tonight. The show has never shied away from brutal depictions of illegal activities: “behind the [motorcycle club’s] familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegal arms business driven by the seduction of money, power and blood,” according to the show’s official website. Tonight’s episode will be no different.

What local viewers — nor anyone anywhere with any connection to the victims of 12/14, or anyone trying to work through issues related to that day — may not want to view, however, is that at the end of the sixth season opener, according to Newsday Writer Verne Gay, viewers will presented with a scene that echoes the events of 12/14.

“At the end of Tuesday night’s opening,” Mr Gay wrote in a September 6 story (“Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Premier Review: Appallingly Violent”), “a boy — probably 12 or 13 — calmly removes a high-caliber semiautomatic from his backpack, then walks into school and opens fire. You don’t see the slaughter (that’s what imagination is for), but you do hear the shots in rapid succession, the bursts of light on the winds from the muzzle, a teacher screaming ‘Oh my God.’ Kids are killed. That is obvious.”


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