State Police Investigate Garner Prison Assault

 State police report they are investigating an assault involving two inmates at Garner Correctional Institution, the state’s high-security prison at 50 Nunnawauk Road.

State police responded to the prison at 7:13 am on May 7 investigate the incident.

The probe indicated that a 51-year-old Bridgeport man who is incarcerated at Garner had violated the  law and would be charged with second-degree breach of peace in connection with the incident, state police said. That inmate is serving a seven-year sentence on a criminal conviction.

The victim in the incident was a 73-year-old man from Newington who is serving a three-year sentence on a conviction for risk of injury to a minor through sexual contact.

State police said they are seeking an arrest warrant for the inmate who violated law in order to arrest him, after which he would be arraigned in court.

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