A Step Forward

To the Editor:

I’d like to thank all those in our community who supported Saturday’s Sandy Hook School referendum.  The high turnout and landslide victory were a remarkable show of community support for SHS and all Newtown district students and families, both current and future.

It was also a wonderful demonstration of our town’s gratitude to Connecticut legislators and taxpayers for the grant.  I’d like to specifically acknowledge the extraordinary advocacy efforts of First Selectman Pat Llodra, Interim Superintendent John Reed, SHS PTA President Stephanie Burns, SHS PTA Advocacy Chair Karyn Holden, Legislative Council Vice Chair Mary Ann Jacob, Board of Education Vice Chair Laura Roche, the PTA members from all across Newtown who helped plan and organize the Vote Yes campaign, the Sandy Hook Center and Newtown businesses who posted Vote Yes signs and distributed postcards, and all the advocates who handed out information flyers on playing fields and around town, posted on Facebook, sent emails, made phone calls, texted reminders, or held signs on Saturday.

Everyone’s participation contributed to the victory, including that of each person who took the time to vote Yes on Saturday.  Thank you, Sandy Hook and Newtown, for delivering this step forward.


Lynn Edwards

3 Sand Hill Road, Sandy Hook                     October 9, 2013

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