Strutt Your Mutt At New Location This Year

Friends of Park and Bark are preparing for the Fifth Annual Strutt Your Mutt Dog Walk, scheduled for Saturday, May 31, at 11 am. This year’s event will be at the recently opened dog park on Old Farm Road.

After years of fundraising for the dog park and the event being held at Fairfield Hills, this year’s event represents a new location for the fundraiser.

A new route is in store for adventurous dogs and their owners. The walk is outside the dog park, so Strutt Your Mutt is an on-leash event.

Cost to participate is $10 for the first family dog and $5 for any additional canines. Admission includes entry to contests and the 2014 Strutt Your Mutt Pageant for prizes. Contests include Hot Dog Toss, Look-Alike, Best Dressed and Frisbee Toss.

Regular dog park visitors may enter the park at no charge and enjoy a day of meeting vendors.

For additional information contact Rose Ann Reggiano, Newtown Parks and Recreation assistant director of recreation, at 203-270-4373.

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