Support Education By Supporting The Budget

To the Editor,

I am writing to encourage all eligible voters in Newtown and Sandy Hook to vote Yes in the upcoming budget referendum on Tuesday, April 22.  Providing a quality school system is the key to our town’s economic viability and the ability for residents to prosper and thrive. We are surrounded by towns in southwestern Connecticut with outstanding school systems – if Newtown wants to attract people to move here (and stay here) instead of a few miles away where there may be a stronger, better-funded school district, we need to support that effort in our budgets. 

It is critical that the district education budget not be decreased – the only way to ensure it isn’t reduced is to pass the budget now.  Historically, the Legislative Council cuts funds when a first budget fails.  Additionally, as stated by the LC chairperson, [this budget represents] the most money the Board of Education will get next year, [since by charter] the council could not add money back even if one or both budgets failed at referendum. 

Please don’t assume that enough others will come out to vote and this will pass!  Your vote is needed, and I encourage you to support our students, our district staff and our town by voting Yes on April 22.  If any eligible voters in your home can’t vote at Newtown Middle School between 6 am and 8 pm on Tuesday, please vote via absentee ballot by Monday, April 21 at 4:30 pm.   Thank you.


Lynn Edwards

3 Sand Hill Road, Sandy Hook               April 15, 2014

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