Support For Regional Hospice

To the Editor:

Once again the loyal supporters of the Newtown Chapter of Regional Hospice & Home Care came out to support our 24th Annual Breakfast at The Waterview on June 12th.  The numbers are just about all in and we have realized a profit of $22,000-plus, which we think is terrific!

The raffle donors are so many that we cannot list them in this letter, but we are sure you know who you are and how much your contribution meant to us.  Of course, the participants in the raffle came out in droves to make this such fun. The continued generosity of John Royce at The Waterview who provided the breakfast and his staff who donated their time helped make this breakfast the success it was. 

Cynthia Roy Squitieri, President and CEO of Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut, brought us up to date on the building of the new Hospice residence in Danbury.  This is such an exciting time for us all.  She then introduced Ryan Patrick, a Newtown student, who on his own raised $24,000 for Healing Hearts. She presented him with a plaque.  What a remarkable young man!

The committee worked very hard again this year and they are: Marilyn Alexander, Janet Hovious, Colleen Honan, Ellyn Gehrett, Linda Trentacosta and Laurie Wrable.  We appreciate these ladies and their efforts very much.

Nancy Crevier and The Newtown Bee were a constant source of support and they covered this event splendidly.  Thank you.

Until next year when we hold our 25th Annual Breakfast, we want everyone to know how grateful we are to have such a following for this awesome event  and the tremendous care Regional Hospice & Home Care of Western Connecticut provide for the community.  We are so proud to be a part of this organization.  Thank you all once again.

Most sincerely,

Marie Sturdevant

Marg Studley


36 Hearthstone Drive, Brookfield             July 22, 2013

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