Taizé For Lent, With Labyrinth Walks, At Trinity

Trinity Episcopal Church is offering weekly Taizé-style worship services Wednesdays evenings at 7:15 during Lent.

This style of worship consists of simple chants sung repeatedly, rich silence, glowing candlelight and prayers of intercession.

The tradition of musical worship began years ago in the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé. Held at Trinity Episcopal Church in the darkened, richly resonant space, the Main Street church’s services provide an uncomplicated framework for music, reflection, and  readings.

A volunteer Taizé Choir with cantor Lisa Romano and instrumentalists of the Taizé Ensemble are led by Music Minister Fiona Smith Sutherland.

Guests are welcome to walk the labyrinth in the church’s undercroft each week, either before or after the worship service.

For more information about this service or the other musical offerings at Trinity, contact Ms Smith Sutherland at 203-426-9070, extension 11, or www.TrinityNewtownCT.org.

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