Taking A Chainsaw To The Flower Garden

To the Editor:

Forty years ago, I moved to Newtown.  I soon discovered the treasured resources, and the friendly and dedicated personnel of the C. H Booth  Library.  When I retired five years ago, my activity at the library increased as I became a member of several monthly reading groups.  Over time, I borrowed numerous books and DVDs from the extensive collection. 

Years ago, I met Andrea Zimmermann. She was always friendly, competent and most helpful as the reference librarian.  I purchased the book she authored.

When I heard Ms Zimmermann learned that her position was eliminated, my reaction bordered on disbelief. Add my name to growing number of voices: Judge Lavery,  Rudy Magnan, John Ruffe, Nicole Morris,  Justin Scott, Dianne Orlando, Ginny Carey and many other library patrons, who want Andrea back at the reference desk immediately.  A grave injustice has been done.

Conducting three “Focus Group” meetings in the summertime, when many of the library patrons are out of town on vacation, speaks to the questionable judgment of Shawn Fields, the library director.  The Non-Fiction Book group suspends the monthly meetings in July and August due to lower interest caused by summer conflicts.  Had Mr. Fields been in the job more than a few weeks, perhaps he would have taken this into account before scheduling focus group sessions in July.

Finally, the early action of taking a chainsaw to the flower garden, aka the C. H Booth Library, does not bode well for future decisions coming from the new director.  I hope the library board has taken note of what has happened this summer.


Bob Brand

5 Arrowhead Lane, Sandy Hook               September 2, 2013

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