A Tax You Can Vote Down

To the Editor:

My fellow taxpayers, does it seem a ridiculous question to ask why taxes cannot go down?  Must taxes forever take more of what you work so hard for? 

In the recent 12 months, we have experienced increasing local, state and federal taxes… with absolutely no increase in services.  We have fewer students in our schools, but taxes go up?  Does it seem that taxes must somehow defy the laws of supply and demand?  With less demand, the price should go down… shouldn't it?

So, do something about it!  You will soon have a chance to actually vote on your taxes, and you can vote no to any tax increase and, eventually, vote yes for a tax decrease. You don't have a vote on any other taxes... you can't do a thing about them and surely both our state and national legislators will be increasing taxes again this year.  You can however, determine the burden of your local property taxes...vote no. It is not a crime. It is a necessity!

Our Newtown elected officials are surely well meaning and conscientious, but there is no way they can bring themselves to put forward a decrease in taxes... they simply can't do it. We, the voters, must stem the ever increasing tax tide... it will eventually over-take every discretionary dollar you make if you don't say no... now!

This year, vote no to property tax increases in Newtown.

Larry Richardson

28 Jeremiah Road, Newtown                    February 27, 2013

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