Technology Panel Will Focus On Gun Violence Reduction

Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit group based in Newtown, has scheduled a news conference in San Francisco for Thursday, March 14, to explain its project to find innovative technological ways to reduce gun violence, according to a statement from the group.

Sandy Hook Promise was formed after the December 14 massacre at Sandy Hook School in Newtown which 20 young schoolchildren and six adults were murdered by a gunman who had shot his way into the elementary school.

The group works to support the people affected by the tragedy and also to find solutions to make the country safer from such gun violence.

The March 14 session is jointly sponsored by Sandy Hook Promise and by leaders of the San Francisco-region technology community who want to find innovative ways to decrease gun violence. The conference will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

A group to be formed will be known as the Technology Committee to Reduce Gun Violence, according to the statement.

Leaders of the Technology Committee and Sandy Hook Promise will attend with parents of Sandy Hook School victims. The groups will issue a “call for ideas” to reduce gun violence and a commitment by leading venture capitalists and investors to fund promising innovations in gun safety, mental health research, and related new technologies.

March 14 will mark the three-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook School shooting incident.

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