Town Hall South Phone System Still Being Worked On

A changeover for the phone system at Town Hall South is complete this evening, but there are still a few technical issues being worked on, according to Newtown Director of Emergency Communications Maureen Will.

“Voicemail is still being worked on, so there may be an issue if anyone calls the police department, Social Services or Parks & Rec tonight,” Ms Will said Wednesday evening.

The switch to the new phone system at 3 Main Street began Wednesday morning. The system change covers the police, Parks & Rec and Social Services departments, which are housed in the building. It mirrors the system already in use at Newtown Municipal Center.

“We anticipate a very smooth transition,” Ms Will told The Newtown Bee Wednesday morning. “After the [changeover] it's a matter of training for staff.”

While there was the possibility of “some slight interruption in service for the routine lines,” Ms Will said, there was not going to be any issue with E-911 dispatches.

“There will be no disruption in emergency 911 service and calls,” she said.

Voicemail is still being worked on Wednesday evening.

“Have patience, try to leave a message, or remember that everyone will be back in tomorrow morning if you can’t reach them tonight,” said Ms Will.

All town offices are now on the phone same system. This marks the completion of a five-year project.

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