A True Public Servant

To the Editor:

Upon the occasion of her retirement, we want to add to the many well wishes and thanks to Janet Woycik for her service to the town of Newtown for over the past 30 years.

As our town librarian, she has served with integrity and grace, consistently rising above the petty politics that many times affect a position like this. In addition, Janet has also been a quiet leader on the Newtown Chamber of Commerce board.  Among many things, she took responsibility for the town Christmas Tree lighting ceremony for the past 30 years, developing this into the wonderful family event that is now a part of so many Newtown families’ fond traditions and memories.

Janet has lived her life as an admirable example of what a true public servant should be, acting on principles, solving problems and working hard every day to do her best without pursuing the limelight.  Janet Woycik is truly a part of what has made Newtown a great place to live and raise a family.

As a community we all owe her a sincere debt of gratitude, and while her presence will certainly be missed, we wish her and Richie the best for a wonderful and well deserved retirement.

Scott and Mary Barrett-Anders

Grand Place, Newtown                    June 17, 2013

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