Vote Yes For Our Town

To the Editor:

On September 19, 2013, the Sandy Hook School PTA voted unanimously to advocate for a Yes vote in the October 5 referendum that authorizes the Town of Newtown to accept a grant from the State of Connecticut to rebuild Sandy Hook School.  Why vote Yes?  The reasons are many, but the overwhelming reason is to bring our kids home — together.  Voting Yes not only allows the process of bringing our kids home to move forward, but it ensures that the other three elementary schools don’t face the real probability of redistricting and disrupting their own school communities.  It is important to realize that the consequences of this vote will impact all of Newtown’s children, not just Sandy Hook School students.

We are extremely grateful to the State of Connecticut for this grant which was given to help make our community whole.  Restoring the Newtown Public School System to seven schools allows us to look beyond the next few years.  Enrollment is cyclical and unpredictable.  Accepting this grant from the State allows us to maintain our options for long-term planning.

We urge the residents of Newtown to make it a priority to go to Newtown Middle School on Saturday, October 5 between 6 am and 8 pm to vote. Further, we ask that you vote Yes for SHS, vote Yes for all our Newtown children, vote Yes for our town.


Stephanie Burns

Sandy Hook School PTA President

on behalf of the Sandy Hook School PTA

10 Cider Mill Road, Sandy Hook    September 25, 2013

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