We Have The Rest Of Our Lives To Live

To the Editor:

A horrible tragedy occurred in our town. Our pediatric practice lost several patients. I held two of these babies in my arms in the delivery room when they were born. And I was at the firehouse that night with the older brother of one of our children.

I have been asked to be part of several committees addressing violence and guns in our society. Until today, I haven’t spoken out. Obviously as a human being, I am opposed to the violence to which our society and culture has become accustomed, and with which we have become tolerant. I am also upset with the lack of effective gun control our society has accepted.

However, I have not taken a vocal role for a reason. This tragedy is about our children and our families. While I appreciate the positions of those many committees, I would like to place my efforts in supporting the emotional needs of those directly affected. I also want the memories of these children to represent something more positive. I will do my best to ensure the success of memorial playgrounds and the realization of dreams such as Catherine Hubbard’s Animal Sanctuary.

This event has altered so many lives. One mother told me, having lost her daughter, that her sons saved her life. My response was that our children are our lives. And that while a part of us died, we still have the rest of our lives to live for. Our children would want the rest of our lives to be happy. And so we must. We must memorialize them and ensure that their dreams come to fruition. We will never fully heal, but we will go on, and so will our memories of them. With love and appreciation for what these children have given me,

Richard Auerbach, MD

Canterbury Lane, Sandy Hook               February 25, 2013

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