A Welcome Harvest

To the Editor:

How better to close the summer of wonderful, fresh produce grown by the hard working volunteers of the Victory Garden than to have some of those same volunteers, including members of the Garden Club, travel to Washington, CT and return with a massive amount of beautiful, organic apples?  It’s like the icing on the cake, or better yet the applesauce on the vegetables! 

What a treat for our ever-growing number of clients of the F.A.I.T.H. Food Pantry.  We have never witnessed the growth in need as we have in this last year.  Even with the generosity of the community our volunteers are busy shopping in order to keep the shelves stocked with necessities.  It’s hard to imagine what it takes to provide a week of meals for the over 300 people just last month.  As soon as it comes in we’re packing it up and giving it out to clients. 

To have this supply of apples to add to the non-perishables we provide is a welcomed bonus, as was all the delicious produce received from the Victory Garden over the summer.  Harvey Pessin’s enthusiasm and dedication to the Garden and what it does for so many in our community makes him our unsung hero.  We continue to be grateful to him and all the Victory Garden Volunteers for their help in the effort to feed our Newtown neighbors.  

Gratefully yours,

Nancy Taylor


F.A.I.T.H. Food Pantry

5 Washington Avenue, Sandy Hook           November 9, 2013

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