What Has NSSF Done To Support The Newtown Community?

To the Editor:

The AP this week reported about National Shooting Sports Foundation and Steve Sanetti's consideration of leaving Newtown. One must have sympathy for NSSF's employees. It must be uncomfortable being part of an organization whose major focus is promoting civilian assault weapons (AKA Modern Sporting Rifles) after such a weapon was used in last December's horrendous massacre in their own town. That they expressed feeling “nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about” calls to mind Upton Sinclair's statement “It's hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it”.

I'd like to remind Steve Sanetti that that NSSF broke their “respectful silence” in January only to exhort gun owners to pressure lawmakers, saying “CT legislators seeking to destroy Second Amendment; Bills will make CT citizens instant criminals.” Fomenting paranoia and disinformation about gun regulation is very profitable for the gun industry. NSSF has not distanced themselves in any way from the extremist positions of the National Rifle Association, even to support universal background checks. Gun industry leaders together with Second Amendment ideologues have used intimidation to effectively squelch consideration of rational limits on guns, even within their own industry – see Dick Metcalf and Reed Exhibitions this year, as well as Jim Zumbo in 2007 and Smith & Wesson in 2000 following their agreement with the Clinton Administration.

NSSF's investment of $1 million a year in the ChildSafe Gun Lock program is a PR pittance, compared to the $515 million sales surge reaped by the gun industry since the Sandy Hook School shooting. While NSSF resists any government mandate to develop technology to make guns safer, leaving it to groups outside the gun industry to fund gun safety innovations, they expect the government to pick up the tab for ChildSafe Gun locks?

What has NSSF done to support the Newtown community? Not even a green ribbon. May the employees and leadership of NSSF open their eyes to the true nature of their organization and its activities, and either change them – or go.

Barbara Richardson

31 Osborne Hill Road, Sandy Hook            November 25, 2013

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Nobody is going to change

Nobody is going to change your made up mind Babs, so I won't waste my time. But if you think we are going to disarm to make you feel good, think again. NSSF, NRA, and CCDL are all focussed on maintaining our right to keep and bear arms, and they are winning that fight. What has NSSF done for Newtown? Everything.

Your Obsession with NSSF and NRA

You appear to be obsessed with the NSSF and NRA, two organizations that promote firearm safety. Boy are you missing the big picture. Adam Lanza was NOT obsessed with firearms. He was obsessed with violent video games. Why don't you pick on Sony, Microsoft and Gamestop for producing and selling those games? Not sexy enough for you?..No Murphy and Blumenthal to stand behind for a photo-Op? Have you seen their commercials on TV, its all mass murders taking place in front of your eyes in your very own living room. You must know someone personally who owns some of these ultra violent games, Maybe even your kids?...But you are focusing on the easy target, I bet you drove by the NSSF a couple of thousand times and never even knew what those initials stood for, what a hypocrite you are. I feel sorry for people like you who cannot see the forest from the trees. I feel sorry for the rest of our country for people like you are the major contributors to its impending down fall.

Who's the radical?

Since when is standing up for our constitutional rights radical? Your assumption, (and we all know what happens when we assume), that the employees are there just for the money shows how narrow and limited your thoughts really are. That they believe in their product and the NSSF is probably just too much for you. They had nothing to do with 12/14. The NSSF and the NRA have been on the defensive since this tragedy and have been fighting back to preserve our rights, as they should. NOT ONE of these new gun control laws would have stopped that nut, NOT ONE. But I'm sure you feel very justified in attacking good people who oppose your view because, look at you! You have a green ribbon! Nobody owes this town a thing.

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