• The Way We Were

    August 17, 1990

  • Snapshot: Penny Mudgett

    Occupation: I’m the assessor for the Town of Newtown. I started this position in January 2014. I’ve been here for 15 years, though. I was deputy assessor, and did data entry, before that.

    Family: I’ve been married to Gary for almost seven years. We have no children. My father, Jim Talarino, lives here in Newtown.

  • Soldier Is Walking 3,000 Miles To Raise Awareness For Veterans

    Neil Davis is on a 3,178-mile journey called “Not Broken, Just Damaged Walk Across America” to raise funds and awareness for the charities Combat Stress in the UK and The Wounded Warrior Project in the United States.

    On his fundraising page at justgiving.com, he wrote in part: “Quite simply, it’s now time for me to do something to help.” Mr Davis has served in both British and American forces.

  • Bikers ‘Break The Chains’ Of Child Abuse

    Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) members do not use their full names. Because they are empowering children who have been abused, these same abusers or those that support them may decide to target BACA members. All road names are kid-friendly and many come from cartoons or children’s stories.

  • A Four-Hour Market At Fairfield Hills, Tuesday Afternoons

    For four hours each week, farmers market shoppers can take in some outdoor shopping at the Farmers Market at Fairfield Hills. Now in its 13th season, the Newtown event continues to offer fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, organic lemonade and iced tea, plants, jewelry, essential oils, and more. The Farmers Market at Fairfield Hills, set up along the corner of DG Beers Boulevard and 1st Street, is presented Tuesdays from 2 to 6 pm. It will continue weekly until sometime in October, weather permitting.

  • Aaron Johnson’s Photography Hobby Takes Flight

    Aaron Johnson’s most recent hobby — a combination of technology, photography, and remote controlled flight — has resulted in wide-angled aerial images of familiar places such as Ram Pasture, Hawley Pond, and last week, shots of Newtown High School’s Blue & Gold Stadium. On August 4 he set up his DJI Phantom II Vision+ drone for a brief flight, which found the drone hovering first above the parking lot, then soaring toward a pale blue sky above the football field. From there he dropped the drone to hover at the 50-yard line, then toward the goal posts. 

  • 20th Anniversary Gathering Of The Vibes United Diverse Tribes, Stellar Talent

    Warren Haynes triple-dipped at this year's 20th Anniversary Gathering of the Vibes, sitting in during Grateful Dead co-founder Bill Kreutzmann's Saturday afternoon set, then playing a full set with his rootsy pals from Railroad Earth, then leading a late night jam with the Seaside All-Stars (pictured) super group featuring George Porter Jr, Branford Marsalis, Jackie Greene, Joe Russo, and Marco Benevento.

  • Keeper Of The Flagpole Furls His High-Flying Hobby

    David Lydem has stepped down as the unofficial Keeper of the Flagpole. Or, as the retired Newtown Police lieutenant likes to say, “a facilitator of the flagpole.”

    The flagpole is easily one of Newtown’s most recognizable landmarks. Located not only in the middle of a major roadway, it is also within the heart of the Borough of Newtown. It has appeared for years in photos, paintings, postcards, and in books; on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and as the backdrop for countless television broadcasts done from the town center.

  • Twenty-Six Benches Provide Rest And Reflection

    The benches began showing up around town last month, inviting those passing by to pause, rest, and remember. By early this week, private contractors, Parks and Recreation employees, and town employees had installed ten of the benches in places as diverse as The Pleasance on Main Street, tucked in next to the rabbit cottage at the back of the property; or at Ferris Farms Creamery, offering an overview of the Creamery and fields across Route 302.

  • NewArts Summer Musical ‘Liberty Smith’ Bows, Massive ‘Lion King Jr’ Opening

    The revolutionary comedic musical Liberty Smith enjoyed a successful run July 31-August 2. An impressive cast of actors, dancers, singers and crew all brought their talents together to present an entertaining evening full of laughter and history lessons. Here, the cast cheers on Paul Revere (Alex Hersh), riding on the back of George Washington (Willem Sandercox), while Rachel Revere (Miranda Wakeman) looks on.