• Theater Review: Uniformly Excellent Cast In World Premiere Of ‘Oblivion’

    Katie Broad and Johanna Day are daughter and mother Julie and Pam in the world premiere of Oblivion, written by Carly Mensch and being directed by Mark Brokaw, at Westport Country Playhouse through September 8.


  • Quilts From the Heart

    New Fairfield High School sophomore Kaitlyn Gantert, left, holds up the quilt created for Emilie Parker’s family, and sponsored by Consolidated Elementary School. Her mother, Tricia Gantert, displays the quilt for Victoria Soto’s family, sponsored by Chiropractic Life and Wellness in New Fairfield. Brightly colored bags surround them, filled with 24 more quilts for families who lost a loved one on 12/14.

  • Snapshot: Johnny A. Williams

    Occupation: I’m a woodworker and owner of Johnny A. Williams Wood Shop in Hawleyville. I create sculptural furniture, and try to use domestic hardwood in my work. I specialize in tables of all shapes and sizes, seating, and wooden art. I sell in town exclusively at the Weathered Way on Obtuse Road, above the wood shop, and sell cutting boards at my online site, www.johnnyawilliams.com. My portfolio is there, too.

  • Top of the Mountain

    The first day of school is one of my favorite days each year. It is so full of promise, and my wish is that promise is fulfilled this year. While I would love to be able to make it around to each bus stop to take photos of the town’s smiling (or shaking in their boots) students on Tuesday, August 27, I am only one cat. However, you can share your first day of school photos with The Bee, to run either in print or in a slideshow online.

  • The Way We Were

    August 26, 1988

    John Reed, superintendent of schools, has decided to delay opening of the Middle School until September 7. The school year will be extended for middle school students so they meet minimum requirements of the state. Dr Reed said the four-day delay would allow contractors to complete certain tasks required by the fire and safety codes and the custodial staff to move furniture and properly clean the school.



  • The Screw Ups Are Finally 'Getting It Right'

    Four high school bandmates returned to their first spotlight at the Newtown Teen Center August 16. The Screw Ups — all 2008 Newtown High School graduates — have been enjoying a growing success since then.

  • ‘Anything Is Possible’ For Disabled Water Skiers

    “One more time?” asked Leaps of Faith Disabled Waterski Club President Joel Zeisler.

    Calling back from the water where he clung to a ski rope, Avi Golden said, “Two more times. Three more times.” Moments earlier he had managed to lift himself out of a crouch and water ski briefly before the rope slipped his grasp. Excited to have been up on the surf ski after repeatedly losing his balance, Mr Golden was ready to try again. He gave a smile and a thumbs up to Mr Zeisler, who positioned the boat for another run.

  • Happiness And Healing With ‘Twisted Sister’ Spaniels

    Only 35 seconds long and with more than 850,000 views, a video of resident Ron Kroha’s English springer spaniels begins with his voice: “Let me see if it’s ready, I’ve got to check…”

    Scampering on a hardwood floor and occasionally spinning with excitement are Hope and Rosey. He asks them, “Girls, are you hungry?” They appear eager for their dinner.

  • Gift To Newtown Foundation Will Travel To Ohio

    Meditation On Mourning


    in mourning sound moves without the body

    it is continuous and repetitive

    it follows what is lost and maintains what cannot be found

    its calling is of retrieval

    its silence; a surrender to the beloved lost.


    there is a spinning  a gravity  a veil


  • Finding Comfort In A Wet Nose And A Wag

    Five Scout’s Angels service dogs wagged their tails outside The Villa restaurant Tuesday afternoon, August 13. They watched as people crossed the parking lot. The dogs and handlers, visiting Newtown from Denver to bring comfort to the community, soon met guests at an outdoor patio.