Date: Fri 09-Jul-1999

Date: Fri 09-Jul-1999

Publication: Ant

Author: CAROLL

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Cigar Ephemera at Cerebro

(with 1 cut)

EAST PROSPECT, PENN. -- A recent Internet/phone/mail auction of cigar ephemera

by Cerebro, the first sale by the gallery limited to cigar memorabilia, was

dominated by a selection of 253 lots of rare cigar box labels from the turn of

the century, which continue to be one of the strongest areas of smoking


A Blue Ball lithographer's proof sold for $1,300; a Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

lithographer's proof brought $600; and a Liberty Bond lithographer's proof

label reached $900.

Among 50 lots of outer labels, an Herrmann sold for $600; a Chicago brought

$325; a Health tobacco earned $100; a Whang Doodle rang up $375; and a US

Admiral garnered $325.

Salesmen's samples were also sold. An Abaco brought $400; a Center Rush

brought $1,400; a Derby reached $1,200; a Domestic brought $650; a Joy Ride

garnered $2,000; a New Standard fetched $1,500; an Our Flyer realized $850;

and a Speed King brought $1,800.

There appears to be a growing interest in cigar bands. A Presidential 1904 set

of 25 bands reached $400; a set of state seals sold for $325; a Buffalo Bill

large bundle band garnered $120; and a sheet of sample cigar bands brought


A Swas-ti-ka round metal cigar sign sold for $200; a Blue Twins cigar box

brought $60; and a Royal Princess brass embossing plate for circular fan sign

reached $100.

No buyers premium was charged. For information, 800/69-LABEL.